Centre-Based Respite

Personalised Centre-Based Respite

Growing old should not keep you from living a meaningful life. In a centre-based respite, your loved ones receive the care and support they need in a centre-setting. They get to engage in structured group activities and diverse therapies to enhance social participation and independence.

All About Living offers a wide range of centre-based activities to the elderly and frail. They will be able to participate in both group and individualised services, depending on their need, goals, and preferences.


What To Expect With Our Respite Services

Our centre-based respite aims to enrich positive aging. We ensure to take care of our participants’ entire well-being, including the emotional, mental, and physical aspects. To achieve a holistic improvement, we implement daily exercises, physiotherapy, and other interactive activities like arts, craft, gardening, and cooking.

What’s Included?

Our centre-based respite includes the following:

  • Social support
  • Group outings
  • Day therapy
  • Overnight care
  • Transportation to and from the centre
  • Light refreshments and meals

Why Choose All About Living

Our enthusiastic staff cares for the elderly, and they are trained to provide the support and assistance they need in gracefully growing old. All About Living caters to flexible schedules and arrangements, depending on your budget. Day, overnight, half-day, and weekend programs are available. We also provide either long-term or short-term options for you and your loved one.

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