Social Support

Helping You Be More Involved

Social participation adds value to the life of the elderly. When you have social support, you can maintain and enhance your community participation as well as your independence. 

All About Living ensures you feel connected and valued in your local community. There’s no need to compromise your interests because our team is known to connect you to people and activities that suit your passions and personality. Meet like-minded people and enjoy all the benefits that retirement has to offer.

Three elderly people leaning back and laughing at a nursing home

Personalised Social Activities 

Our services will vary depending on your needs and goals. At home, you can enjoy one-on-one board games and other interactive hobbies with our professional staff. If you want to go outside, we can take you out to see movies in the cinema or visit your favourite cafe. We can also arrange group activities and gatherings for you to meet and connect with people who share your interests. Our services will suit your personal preferences. 

Why Choose All About Living?

Our team of professionals aim to understand what makes our clients happy so that they can feel involved and connected. Our carers are local residents who know the community well, making them ideal partners for fulfilling your loved one’s social needs. Our carers are:

  • Full of local knowledge about the community 
  • Trained and experienced 
  • Passionate about helping your loved one

Before jumping into any activity, our carers get to know the client so that they can match their level of comfort in social situations and achieve their desired level of connection to community groups & events. With our aged care and disability support services, the elderly and disabled can live a happier, more fulfilling life with meaningful connections.


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