Discover the Benefits of Home Assist Secure

Discover the Benefits of Home Assist Secure

All About Living is committed to helping our community live independently and safely in their own homes. One way we do this is by raising awareness about the invaluable services offered by Home Assist Secure.

Home Assist Secure provides essential home maintenance and modifications for Queenslanders aged 60 and over, or for individuals of any age with a disability. These services ensure that your home remains safe, accessible, and secure.

Why Choose Home Assist Secure?

Protect Yourself from Exploitation: Home Assist Secure only works with skilled and responsible tradespeople who are committed to quality and fairness.

Enhance Home Safety: Whether it’s installing handrails, restumping houses, or making minor modifications, Home Assist Secure ensures that your home is well-maintained and safe.

Stay Independent: With professional help, you can continue living comfortably and securely in your own home.

How to Get Started:

Check Your Eligibility: If you are 60 years old or older or have a disability, hold a Pensioner Concession Card, and cannot complete the work yourself, you may qualify for assistance.

Contact Home Assist Secure: Contact Home Assist Secure on 13 74 68 or visit their website

Plan and Execute: Home Assist Secure will help you employ tradespeople for necessary repairs or modifications and plan future work to keep your home safe.

We encourage you to take advantage of this vital service. At All About Living, we are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you live independently and securely in your own home.

Ensuring Safe and Independent Living

This month, All About Living connected with Ross Lingard, dedicated owner of Concrete Casters and committed Home Assist contractor. Ross is passionate about educating the community about the Home Assist Secure service, which provides essential home maintenance support at fair prices from reputable tradespeople.

Ross was approached by Home Assist because of his extensive experience and strong credentials. Known for its stringent guidelines, Home Assist ensures all subcontractors are recognised for their quality work. Ross’s business met these high standards with flying colors. “Home Assist is fantastic, and I think it’s underutilised,” Ross shares. He emphasises that his work often aligns with recommendations from occupational therapists, ensuring beneficial modifications like ramps or stair replacements.

For Ross, the most rewarding aspect of his work is the human connection, as many clients appreciate both the company and practical improvements.

All About Living Executive Director, Amanda MacDougall with Home Assist contractor Ross Lingard at the May, Sandgate Bayside Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting.

All About Living is dedicated to raising awareness about Home Assist and supporting quality businesses like Concrete Casters.

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