Equipment Care

Equipment Care With All About Living

Make your home safer and your life easier with a few modifications in the house. As you age, you might not be able to do the things you used to do around the house. That includes installing a new bulb or handling a clogged drain. It might even get more difficult as you would need railings and easy-access amenities.

With the right home improvement and maintenance, you can still enjoy your independence while staying safe in your own home.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Safety risks may be found in your bedroom, the lobby, bathroom, or living room. With All About Living, we can identify those areas and minimise any risk. This procedure might require the installation of rails in the bedroom and bathroom. If the stairs pose danger, we can implement suitable solutions for better and safer access.

Another way of keeping your home safe is by checking the amenities and equipment that need repairs. Regular home maintenance allows the elderly to continue with their daily activities without having to worry about possible breaks, burnt out lights, or other risk factors

Comfortable Living

At All About Living, we understand how important comfortable living is to the well-being of the elderly. Because of this, our team makes sure to conduct careful inspections and comprehensive assessments to determine domestic risks. We would look into furniture, appliances, and other amenities that may need repairs or maintenance services. And if needed, we also recommend technological devices to enhance mobility, independence, communication, and personal safety.

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