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Manage Bookings

Sign into My Calendar using the button below to cancel your booking, or request a reschedule.

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Cancellations and Rescheduling

Services are rostered and noted on the Support Plan which all about living signs jointly with the participant. The Support Plan reflects a mutually agreed day of the week, the type of service being provided and the duration of the service. It also reflects whether your service will be provided before midday (AM 8.00am - 12noon) or after midday (PM 12noon - 4.00pm).

When would I be charged a cancellation fee?

A cancellation fee may be charged if you fail to notify us that you wanted to cancel the service and/or you do not notify us of your need to cancel at least 24hrs prior. In order to avoid the On the Day Cancellation fee, remember to notify the office at least 24 hours prior to the day. Timely notifications of cancellations provide all about living with the opportunity to reschedule workers and avoid unnecessary travel to your location. If you are planning holidays, remember to advise the office of your start and return date. You can contact the office on 07 3269 1915 or email our roster officer on

What happens to my services if I go away for a period of time?

When you are away for extended periods this would generally result in discharge from our service. However please let our office staff know of your circumstances prior to being away or, if hospitalised, ask your family to contact us. You can contact the office on 07 3269 1915 or email our roster officer on

We will take your circumstances into consideration if you are away for an extended period. When you return home, as services become available they will be recommenced. By taking this approach all about living can provide services to other people on a short term basis while you are away.