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If you would like to lend your support to the people we care for, please download our donation form, contact us, or make an online donation using the form bellow. Please note, that all donations greater than $2.00 are tax deductable.

Do you have a loved one who you feel would be in support of our mission? If so, you can choose to make a donation to us in their name and create a lasting tribute to them. Any and all forms of support are greatly appreciated by us and those we care for.

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All About Living is greatly appreciative of any and all donations; no matter the size. As a non-profit organisation, the generosity of others is our lifeblood. Even a few dollars can make all the difference in enabling us to deliver vital assisted living services to the frail aged and those living with a disability in our community. Our work enables those we care for to stay in their own homes. Without the services All About Living provides, many of the people we support would fall victim to premature institutionalisation.

We understand that donors need assurance that their gift will be used responsibly. We pledge that each donation will be put towards areas of most need that directly benefit the people provide care to.

The areas to which your donation could be applied include:

Personal Care

While many of us take for granted being able to bathe and dress ourselves, many of the people we care for need assistance with such tasks. For those who do require such assistance, our personal care services are a daily requirement. For them, these services are not just a practical necessity, they are essential to promoting their independence, self-esteem and quality of life.

Domestic Care

Without the assistance of our support workers, many of the people we care for would have to leave chores undone or spend hours on domestic tasks that many of us can do with little effort. We work with those we care for in accordance with their specific needs to keep their houses safe, clean and secure. This gives the people we support pride in their homes and the time to spare on the activities that they enjoy.

Social Support

All About Living’s social support services ensure that those we care for can continue engaging in community life. Our social support program includes organising and hosting group activities, and individualised services such as assistance with shopping and other errands. While we might think of daily errands as chores, such tasks are an important opportunity for those we care for to socialise with other members of the community. Our group activities, such as our Men’s group and Thursday group, enable those we support to get together in a place outside of our centre. Many of those we care for have very few chances to be social and are therefore at risk of becoming isolated and vulnerable. The social support we provide is essential to ensuring that those we care for remain socially active, independent members of our community.

Centre-Based Respite

Many of those we care for spend most of their time at home. For them, the centre-based gatherings that All About Living host are not just casual get-togethers; each one is a special occasion. These events foster the independence of those we care for, and give them the chance to be amongst their peers. Perhaps most importantly, the special occasions that we create give those we care for something to look forward to.

Respite Care

All About Living believes strongly in providing the essential support to the unpaid carers who work tirelessly to ensure that a loved one’s needs are met. As well as supporting their loved one, unpaid carers typically have other responsibilities such as taking care of their children, work, and school commitments. Unsurprisingly, many unpaid carers can become exhausted and overwhelmed if they are not supported. All About Living’s respite service is designed to ease the strain on carers by having a support worker temporarily assume the role of carer. This service allows us to give the unpaid carers of those we support a well-deserved breather, and is a key measure in preventing carer fatigue.

Garden Maintenance

For many of those we care for, having a tidy lawn is a source of pride and satisfaction. The garden maintenance service that we provide involves continuous lawn upkeep. This work ensures that those we care for can feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in knowing that they have a well maintained property.


Many of those we support require special equipment in order to continue living in their own homes. Without vital equipment, such as wearable alarms, many of those we care for would fall victim to premature institutionalisation. Providing and maintaining vital assisted living devices better enables us to fulfil our commitment of keeping those we care for in their own homes for as long as possible.

Corporate Sponsorship and Local Business Support

While All About Living is always happy to receive donations, we also seek to promote the growth of both our organisation and the community by establishing partnerships with local businesses and larger corporations. If your business would like to support a specific project of ours, we are more than happy to create a proposal with measurable outcomes for your consideration. We are also grateful for donations in the form of gifts, as these can be used as door and raffle prizes.

Thank-you for giving us your time and consideration, our contact information and charity number are as follows:

Phone: 3269 1915


Office Hours: 8.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday

Postal Address:

PO Box 1131
Nathan Street Post Office
Brighton Qld 4017

Registered Charity Number: CH1913