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Leave a Legacy of Care and Comfort with your Bequest

By donating or leaving a Bequest to All About Living, you will provide vital support to the frail aged and those living with a disability in our community. Your generous gift will go a long way in delivering not only vital personal and domestic care, but also the emotional and social support essential to our participants’ mental health
and wellbeing. You have the power to create a legacy of care and comfort that will be felt well into the future.

It isn’t just the wealthy who leave money to charity. More and more, everyday Australians are recognising that they have a valuable contribution to make to their community, and are choosing to leave Bequests to worthy causes. Whether large or small, all Bequests are vital to All About Living’s mission of maintaining our participants’ independence and quality of life, and ensuring that they don’t fall victim to premature institutionalisation.